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Welcome to the safest place on the internet. Domestic crime is everywhere! No we’re not trying to scare you but look at the statistics – even in 1st world countries, personal, home and vehicle crime is rife.

Don’t panic! DigitalCameraU is here to discuss the newest and most-effective crime-prevention techniques and devices available to the everyday person or family.

We will explore surveillance cameras and the morale issues surrounding them. We will take a look at home alarm systems and the companies that sell them. In fact, any way to stop or prevent crime, we talk about.

So imagine you’re sleeping in your warm bed at night and outside, someone is on your driveway, or in your garage, cracking the lock to your brand new BMW Z4. This is not a situation we like to think of, but it’s entirely possible. Let’s discuss car crime and its apparent increase over the last decade…

Car Crime

Car crime is always happening around us. A lot of vehicles are stolen taken apart and sold as spare parts or just repainted and sold under a different registration in another country or state. These crimes are on the rise, by 15% in the UK according to lawyers virgo Consultancy and this is why vehicle owners need to think about the use of anti-theft devices to protect their vehicles. It is however true that though the devices are not completely effective, they will stop amateur thieves and slow down the professional car thieves. The point is to make stealing a car a difficult task and thus reducing the crime rate. Below are some of the devices that can work positively towards the protection of a car.

Kill Switch

A kill switch is simply a hidden switch which has to be flipped on to start the car. The switch can be used to cut the flow of electricity around important components of the vehicle or prevent the flow of fuel to the engine. Kill switches are the most common security devices and the good thing is that they are cheap to install. Though some criminals might try finding the switch, the time they will spend will either get them caught or discouraged. The trick here is to hide the switch in places where no one can easily find them. Check your vehicles warranty prior to the installation of such a device because some might be voided by the installation.

Visible Steering Wheel Lock

This is a long metal bar with a lock. The metal bar can be locked on the steering wheel thus preventing it from being turned. This is also a visual kind of security because a thief will probably avoid a car when they see the steering lock which is made of steel and thus difficult to cut. This lock is also quite cheap and is highly effective especially when used with other anti-theft devices.

Wheel Locks

The steering wheel lock or tire locks are similar to the steering wheel locks. All they do is lock the wheel and make it impossible for the car to move. In addition to limiting the mobility of the car, their presence discourages thieves from trying to steal a car.

Steering Column Collars

These are armored collars that are placed on the steering wheel column. Most car crimes involve hotwiring a car. The armored collar prevents the thief from hotwiring your car making it impossible for them to steal the car without a key. This is a great way to reduce the chances that your car will be stolen and works great with other security devices.



This is one of the best known security device and one of the most commonly used. Alarms simply make loud noises when the vehicle is touched or when the hood, door or trunk is opened. The modern alarms are fitted with motion sensors which improve the security the alarm provides. Some of the more advanced alarm systems are fitted with engine disablers, panic buttons and flashing headlights.

Electronic Tracking Devices

This is an electric transmitter hidden somewhere in the car and emits a signal which can be used to trace the vehicle. This system does not stop the car from being stolen, but ensure that when your car goes missing, the company that installed the device can find your vehicle.

Remote Keyless Entry

Another system that can be used in greatly reducing car crime is a keyless entry system. From the name, you can guess that the system is all about the elimination of the conventional key system which has greatly been compromised by criminals. The system uses radio frequencies which make it possible for you to open the door from a distance. Without the device, opening the door can be impossible and this will reduce the risk of your car being stolen. This system has however been heavily criticized due to the ability of criminals to hack the system and open the doors of a car.

VIN Etching

This is a process of etching the vehicle identification number on the windows and most of the visible car parts. Because most of the stolen cars end up in chop shops, the thieves would not want to steal something that can easily be identified.

Car crime can be greatly reduced by making it difficult for thieves to attempt to steal a car and this can be achieved by the many anti-theft devices.

Oh and a word of warning -  Next time you’re at a gas station, keep the car locked! Look at these horrible thieves snatching bags at gas stations…

Luckily they were caught on camera, which meant for most of these incidents, the criminals could be indentified.

Guard Dogs – The Best Crime Prevention?

My sister range me at 7am just before Christmas 3 years ago. Her London house had just been robbed. Again.

For residents of capital cities, it is a clear and present danger. Home crime happens a lot, and we need to guard against it. For my sister, this was the fourth time the criminals entered her home, but this time it was different. She was in in! Upstairs, working at the computer (she works from home) , and the thieves cracked the back door and allowed themselves access to the whole of the ground floor of the flat.

doggy services

Enough was enough. I drove over immediately, and drove her straight to the Battersea dogs home where we adopted a German Shephard dog for her and her husband. Not only have they fallen in love with their new dog….. they have not been broke in to since. There were a few problems in the beginning but we got through them in the end